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to ‘A’… hellooo ‘A’!

not the gif, but the video… def great green spandex moment. :)


yeah baby, tough life you have… and this hair is almost of a blond Edward Cullen vampire… :D (x)

yep don’t ask cuz i know who EC is… i love vampires, too! haha

It seems, there’s a lot of ppl quite angry, because Chris was not chosen for ‘The Flash’. Well, the only time we saw Chris commenting on ‘The Flash’, he did not seem very interested in this role. And don’t forget that in 2020, CP 40, so probably they needed an actor more young.

Btw, watching this interview right now after watching Chris bare butt in ‘Stretch”… I wonder what he was talking about his butt on Jimmy Kimmel … haha … hellooo Christopher, why would you need spandex? JK was totally right on it! :D

STRETCH Red Band Trailer

and Roger again… huh who? :D

INTERVIEW: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

nope… she isn’t CP first SA.

i have no idea why ‘t’ asked for this video today, maybe because is funny/awkward… :)

CP deserves to wear the crown!

… because on the last 2 weeks he proved to be a deF- KING CRAZY! :D

Pa-gents with Chris Pine from Funny Or Die

Pa-gents with Chris Pine

Five grown men will sacrifice anything (including their dignity) to win a male pageant”

I think is not fair watching this video after the trailer of HB2…

cause i’m DYING here! ………..All right then… Chris Pine looks great, I can’t wait to see Cinderella’s Prince singing “Agony”, preferably not wearing a wig.

I just hope those guys will shooting ‘Mantivities’ someday. :D 

Horrible Bosses 2 - Official Main Trailer [HD]

New Trailer

Compendium Blooper 1080p :) *pls do not reupload somewhere else*

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20th Ovation Awards: Best Season Nominee - Geffen Playhouse - Chris Pine


just to remember how young and cutie CP was at that time (2010). :) <3