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Chris Pine and Patrick Wilson > 

Parachute - STRETCH

GOSH … LOL … this is already giving me a headache, so much LOL…

HELLOOO Christopher!!!


just saying CP is F*****G CRAZY!

Chris Pine And Zoe Kravitz Enjoy Date Night At The Coldplay Concert (x)

Btw, I like to see them together … but, what has annoyed me, all these years when they appear together her fans and friends arrogantly always put her as someone greater than Chris, and the perception is that she likes to give power to this attitude of her friends and fans.

Chris Pine and Patrick Wilson > Cheez Its - STRETCH

Chris Pine > 

Where Is Your Monolith? - STRETCH


STRETCH Gag Reel (x)

 Chris Pine on a rehearsal for This Means War. (x)

*Meet Me on Set || SE01E06: “Star Trek’s Chris Pine” | Paul Becker @Paulbecker79

"Paul shows rehearsal clips fromThis Means War with Chris Pine. Yes there was supposed to be a dance number in it…but it was cut!"

 at least that we can blame the director McG, maybe? :D

"this is bs btw" :)

HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 Trailer #2 (2014) Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston Comedy HD

Chris Pine bad bb! :)