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This means that we will see CP without that beard for a while, right? I hope ….! 

sigh, I think I’m waiting/dreaming to see Pine kind of sailor… def. :)

Well, according to my dashboard, SDCC 2014 was awesome! 

And definitely, thanks to Mr. Shatner we have not forgotten Chris Pine in these days! :D

Prince Kirk! :)


The other things about CP on social media these days are that psychological article (x) about self-help, I think :), and people complaining because he’s not Christian Grey … a lot of funny things … 


Btw, BC is at SDCC, ZQ is going to there, John Cho will be there, CP any chance? … And CP wearing a “torquoise bro tank”,  all about speech …. well, it’s hard when CP is hidden down a rabbit hole. :D

I’m missing Captain and Scotty!

 ‏@digidestroyers  Bumped into Chris Pine in Leeds ”

the rad haircut for sure! :) <333


def i’m missing Trek guys! :)

wow can’t wait! :)

Chris Pine > Golden Globes 2014 (2)