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GOSH!!! :D

This is something I’m trying to deal with… but, it’s SO DIFFICULT!!!



according to a friend that is a mix of KISS with ZZ TOP, whatever it’s… :D

Chris Pine on a plane looking kind of ‘TFH’ way… I guess!


Chris Pine on a plane looking kind of ‘TFH’ way… I guess!


Pegg & Tom on a MI5…

The first thing that came up on my twitter today was this comment from Idris Elba, was very interesting. So when I started browsing through my favorite tags, I remembered of it and realized how much it was appropriate for the things that were happening and being commented about ZQ, MMcM and CP.

Let me say that the ppl who made dumb comments on the instagram of ZQ and MMcM is a troll not a true fan and is not talking by the fandom, this person is doing similar thing in different places, it is teasing and having fun with this… this person uses different usernames, but the way of act is the same. That person also is here on tumblr doing the same thing using several blogs around and other way … how do I know? … I was hit by this recently, I no longer have my ask box open for anonymous because of it … I try to keep some control over the thing, but I know that the thing is still happening… So, that way I’m learning how to deal with the troll.

My advice to whom it may concern … take a deep breath and do not give power to the troll!

And let me tell you, the fact about Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, they are only friends and were never more than that… the rest are rumors that excite the stupid!

The Cho got a wig… pop

The Cho got a beard!

This means that we will see CP without that beard for a while, right? I hope ….! 

sigh, I think I’m waiting/dreaming to see Pine kind of sailor… def. :)

Well, according to my dashboard, SDCC 2014 was awesome! 

And definitely, thanks to Mr. Shatner we have not forgotten Chris Pine in these days! :D

Prince Kirk! :)


The other things about CP on social media these days are that psychological article (x) about self-help, I think :), and people complaining because he’s not Christian Grey … a lot of funny things … 


Btw, BC is at SDCC, ZQ is going to there, John Cho will be there, CP any chance? … And CP wearing a “torquoise bro tank”,  all about speech …. well, it’s hard when CP is hidden down a rabbit hole. :D