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just to remember ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ premiere in Tokyo, 2013

InStyle magazine, March 2014

source: TCPN

aww moments in London/2014

Yes, guys I know, I know… Prince’s life is so boring sometimes… :-)

Aww babe… on fashion!


Oh Carol…

Chris in Tokyo seems to be a mix of vibes … during the press conference he looked like so excited, for all the amazing visual information that was around him, it seemed that at any moment the “billionaire with some deviant appetites” of ‘Stretch’ would jump off the chair … and then came the Cinderella’s prince … but Captain Kirk needed to be there too, even for a brief moment … and so irresistible!

Crazy life of actor … I think he never had to go so fast from one character to another … :-)


Star Trek Into Darkness premiere > Mexico City > according @ParamaountMexico > livestream >starts at 7.15 PM CST

live stream > LINK > update > LINK

"Cerulean. Bombay Sapphire. The deep end of the pool." > ZQ about the blue! [ x ]

just to remember… waiting for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’… 17 days