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The Prime talked about the young Captain!

Well, according to my dashboard, SDCC 2014 was awesome! 

And definitely, thanks to Mr. Shatner we have not forgotten Chris Pine in these days! :D

Prince Kirk! :)


The other things about CP on social media these days are that psychological article (x) about self-help, I think :), and people complaining because he’s not Christian Grey … a lot of funny things … 


Btw, BC is at SDCC, ZQ is going to there, John Cho will be there, CP any chance? … And CP wearing a “torquoise bro tank”,  all about speech …. well, it’s hard when CP is hidden down a rabbit hole. :D

Just to remember the Prime and Young bromance

Happy Birthday to Mr. Shatner!

March 22, 2014

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Happy ‘Trek’ Halloween 2013

( x )

Commercial Featuring Star Trek - 

Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Long Time Coming

Star Trek 47 years! LLAP

September 8, 2013

ST 47 years!

September 8, 2013