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Star Trek Ongoing #39 

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Frakes!

August 19, 2013

Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood > TrekBehindScenes1

According to Roberto Orci the first draft of the script of Star Trek 3 is done.

On TrekMovie, Roberto Orci commented:

"p & m & I wrote, "fade out" yesterday on first draft. things are moving."

and confirmed:

"First draft is done."


Btw, I also like other comment about Kirk, when someone asked to Roberto Orci at TrekMovie:

Q: “What sort of Kirk Delivery System will this movie be? Any hint of frat boy or all serious? Will there be any scenes that establish why the crew trusts and follow him?”

Roberto Orci: "good questions…. dealing with them head on!"

In the past week, one year since ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ debuted in Japan, and I confess I love the excitement of following the whole thing on the internet, and I love when there’s a live stream as happened with the interview in the video above. Was one of the best moments that happened in Tokyo for STID.

Just to remember Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Alice Eve in Tokyo 2013. 

"Official Star Trek Magazine To Celebrate 50th Anniversary of "The Cage""


Happy Birthday to Bruce Greenwood!

August 12, 2014.

"New Star Trek director Roberto Orci is the "perfect sense" replacement for JJ Abrams, actor Simon Pegg has said."

"He emailed me before the news broke saying: ‘Hey man, I might be doing this, shall we nerd out?,’ said Pegg who plays Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.

"He’s a good friend, he’s very much part of the Star Trek family," he added.

"I’m really happy he’s doing it as it’s kept within the family kind of thing, it’s not somebody coming in from outside,"

said Pegg

"Bob’s been there since the first Star Trek - by that I mean the 2009 one - so it seemed to make perfect sense that he come in as a director on this one because he gets it.

"He was always the most Trekkie of all of those guys anyway, he’s always understood the story the best so it’s great that he’s going to be involved in the writing and directing." more: here

Btw, in the second pic, Simon wrote on the hand of Roberto Orci what he wants for Scotty in Trek 3… this happened at SDCC 2013.


The Prime talked about the young Captain!