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Yes, ‘A’… and more pics of this famous moment from the backstage of TOS, the barbecue of Shatner/Kirk, Nimoy/Spock and DFKelley/Bones.

Star Trek went on the air 48 years ago today. The stories begin and the vision will LLAP”

Happy Birthday to Star Trek! 48 years! LLAP!

September 8, 2014



i know it’s the 70s and all, but what in fresh hell is leonard nimoy wearing?

I don’t know, but whatever caused it to come into being was probably explosive and ill advised.

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Wait for it…


Wait for it…

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"Official Star Trek Magazine To Celebrate 50th Anniversary of "The Cage""


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"My study-office is near the front of the house. There are full-size windows that let me see who’s coming and going. I have a customized L-shaped worktable and a comfortable black swivel chair. Over the desk are photos and memorabilia from projects I’ve worked on. To my right is a gas fireplace and a mantle with three Al Hirschfeld drawings—two of me in "Star Trek" and one when I appeared on Broadway in "Equus." On shelves are a number of my photographs that are in several museums’ collections.

There are no Spock uniforms in my closet, but I’m totally comfortable with the character now. There was a time many years ago when I was concerned that the three years I spent playing him on TV would overshadow my career. I’m grateful for Spock. As someone who grew up Jewish in Boston, I was always “the other”—an alien. So I get it.

Sitting on my desk is a small black box with a glass window. Inside is a pair of pointed ears. These are the ear tips I wore on final day of shooting for the TV show. I had them mounted. From time to time, I meet people who give me the “Star Trek” treatment. I don’t mind. Fortunately, no one has asked me to beam them up lately.”

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Just to remember the Prime and Young bromance

Happy Birthday to Mr. Leonard Nimoy! LLAP

March 26, 2014