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Where Is Your Monolith?

…….. uhmmm… wait… i’m thinking ………… ok a big “lol(2014)” is my monolith for this moment :D

Chris Pine > 

Where Is Your Monolith? - STRETCH


Chris Pine > Wilford - STRETCH Clip

FYI some ppl in my ask box are failing to deal with the weirdo/sexy billionaire…just saying. :D

Newest actors to join the cast of The Finest Hours starring Chris Pine

Chris Pine will play Bernie Webber.

Bernard C. Webber, coxswain of motor lifeboat CG-36500, from Station Chatham, Massachusetts, and his crew of three rescued the crew of the stricken tanker Pendleton, which had broken in half during a horrific storm on 18 February 1952 off the coast of Massachusetts.

Beau Knapp will play the best friend of Pine’s character in the Coast Guard. source

Ben Foster has joined the cast of Disney’s The Finest Hours. 

"Production is currently under way in Massachusetts." source

STRETCH Gag Reel (x)

About Chris Pine and ‘The Finest Hours’


For everyone who in my ask box mentioned the fact that Chris was photographed in LA during the last week and… Why he wasn’t in Boston? I think he did not begin filming her part in the movie yet.

Actor Kyle Gallner who will star opposite Chris, looks like it was confirmed in the role he will play in the film only on September 8, according to a comment he made on twitter.

”@kylegallner Got something fun coming up :)” on september 8, 2014

on september 9:

 @kylegallner​ @Deadline: Kyle Gallner Joins Disaster At Sea Drama ‘The Finest Hours’ here it is. It’s about to get real cold. :)”


Apparently Graham McTavish, as he mentioned on twitter, is already working on the film.

I’m guessing that maybe, Graham McTavish, is part of the crew of the Pendleton, and perhaps they are already filming this part in the film.

 @grahammctavish Time to get really wet…..#TheFinestHours @DisneyPictures...” on September 10


Josh Stewart was also in Boston, at least someone said on twitter on September 12:

 @AbrahamBenrubi · A big thanks to @Marriott for the hospitality and great meals with @J0SHSTEWART & @grahammctavish


Chris Pine will play Bernie Webber.

"Webber and his crew of three, EN3 Andrew Fitzgerald; SN Richard Livesey; and SN Irving Maske, saved 32 of the 33 Pendleton’s crewmen who were on the stern section of the ship.  All four Coast Guardsmen were awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal for their heroic actions.  Their successful rescue operation has been noted as one of the greatest in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard." source


Left to right are Coast Guardsmen Bernard Webber, who piloted the rescue boat; Engineman second class Andrew Fitzgerald, Seaman Richard Livesey and Seaman Irving Maske. 


Beau Knapp has been cast in Disney’s The Finest Hours for director Craig Gillespie. It centers on a daring Coast Guard rescue attempt after two oil tankers are destroyed off Cape Cod during a blizzard in 1952. Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Graham McTavish and Holliday Grainger star.

Knapp will play the best friend of Pine’s character in the Coast Guard. (x)

 Chris Pine on a rehearsal for This Means War. (x)

*Meet Me on Set || SE01E06: “Star Trek’s Chris Pine” | Paul Becker @Paulbecker79

"Paul shows rehearsal clips fromThis Means War with Chris Pine. Yes there was supposed to be a dance number in it…but it was cut!"

 at least that we can blame the director McG, maybe? :D

artschoolkid said: Hey, did you hear about this Tom Hardy interview? He talked about This Means War and he said he wasn't going to do Rom Coms anymore. He said, "I didn't understand how you could do something which is so much fun and be so miserable doing it..." He also said he blamed himself but do you think he was implying something about Chris there? Reese had said that Chris was really sweet and grateful for his good fortune, but I feel like people read way too much into the characters he plays on screen...

I like Tom and if he blames himself for feeling miserable by TMW, I believe it. :)

I think Tom did not believe in the role he was playing in TMW and then did not feel comfortable about that, I do not see a good reason for him to be talking about it now, ultimately, agreeing make the movie is his responsibility and from his team .

What I remember from that time is that Tom was always praising his American agent in interviews, he and Reese were at the CAA agency at that time, and from what I could see the PR work for them was very well done from the beginning, even exist pictures of them on the internet after a dinner, probably a meeting before the shoot. And a gossip site from Vancouver was saying about how Tom and Reese had great chemistry.

Chris on the other hand was at the time in a less powerful agency than CAA and the PR work for him was not very well done, at least I think!

Tom was in Vancouver, most of the time of filming, in the company of his fiancée Charlotte, also was seen hanging out with his friend King Leo in a weekend. Reese was there accompanied by her husband agent.

And Chris was in Vancouver during the week, on weekends he flew to LA because he had too many commitments there at that time, he was seen in two weddings of his friends, was promoting the movie Unstoppable, and bought his house . I do not think he had much time to make someone’s life miserable on the set of TMW. :)

Just to remember happened that playfully in which Tom took shots of paint in the butt, definitely he can only blame himself about that :). Tom seems have finished filming his part a few weeks before Chris and left Vancouver first.

I think some actors who consider themselves or want to look “serious actors” are always bitching about rom coms. But the money seems to have been worthwhile, at least for Chris, who was able to buy his first house.

:) xx