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'A' > submitted > “OMG is that JJ Abrams”

Hi ‘A’, I was missing you … I even thought you had found CP in LA, had married him and then you were with him hidden in a rabbit hole in the hills. :D


Yes, I had seen this video at that time, of course, is JJ Abrams promoting ‘Star Trek/2009’.

btw, JJ Abrams is a man of many talents, he even created the theme for the scene in the club where Pegg/Scotty is talking to Captain perfect hair in ‘Into Darkness’. Several female singers recorded the music in different countries, and they sang at the premiere of the film.


'A', Good to see you back! xx

CHRIS PINE - “I’m a classic type”


"A fashion insider answered style questions, this time: Chris Pine"


GLAMOUR: As Captain Kirk you wear same uniform every day. What do you wear in everyday life?

Chris Pine: Jeans and a T-Shirt. Sometimes a Thom Browne Oxford shirt. This leather boots. Or of Chuck: I’ll wear the rest of my life.



GLAMOUR: Are men in Hollywood today under the same pressures as women to dress well?

Chris Pine: Perhaps on the red carpet. But in everyday life, more under pressure are women. Except a few bloggers for no one interested, what clothes wearing a male star when shopping.


GLAMOUR : The worst outfit decision you have ever made ?

Chris Pine : How long do you have time ?

GLAMOUR : So many?

Chris Pine : There were a few! There was this gig from me at a fashion show … I was very in love with an orange tie. And I wore them with a navy blue shirt and a black jacket , it was terrible.



about which tie moment mistake? :)

GLAMOUR: What role does fashion play in your family?

Chris Pine: No big. I only remember that my mom has often spoken very fondly of certain garments that they already accompanied half her life, a Fendi blazer for example. But we were a down-to-earth family without major fashion ambitions.

GLAMOUR: When you have found your style?

Chris Pine: Hard to say. Just over the years. I learned a lot from others.

GLAMOUR: Of whom for example?

Chris Pine: The director Tony Scott taught me a lot. And I like how Zachary Quinto, my colleague of “Star Trek”, get dressed – even if we  clothe ourselves very differently,  I’m more of the classic type, he is more the fashion.



GLAMOUR: What is in fashion the most beautiful film in history?

Chris Pine: “La Grande Bellezza”! What Daniela Ciancio has designed for this is simply stunning. She has a big part, is how wonderful become the figure of Jep Gambardella - he is wearing a yellow jacket with a bright handkerchief: This is elegant, classic and a touch eccentric.

GLAMOUR: will you never understand what hipster trend?

Chris Pine: A type I’ve seen recently, which had a raccoon tail on his jeans. So if this persists, I’m out!



GLAMOUR: Are you vain?

Chris Pine: Very. Unfortunately, this is inevitable as an actor. See you around constantly in large format, must deal constantly with his appearance. If I would always only pay attention to this little fat roll (Pine shows on a large billboard with him on it, n. Editor’s), which has emerged under my sweater, I would go crazy. It concludes peace with themselves, that’s good.

GLAMOUR: You wear, as many Hollywood Stars, straight beard. An elaborate hobby?

Chris Pine: Absolutely! I’m actually quite obsessed with my beard and spend a lot of time on it. I even bought myself a beard brush! The other day I said to my barber, that he has to teach me as I continue to even cut it, because I do not want to continue to be dependent on him. I fear only that he does not admit himself on that. 

a better translation than the other post, I hope… :)

Star Trek Ongoing #39 

Yes, I think it’s understandable that feeling! :)

Just to remember, these photos are from 2010, ‘A Night at Sardi’s’, to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Seth Rogen was hosting the event.

After introducing Chris Pine, Seth jokes to the audience. “I just kissed Chris Pine,” he says. “I kissed him hard…and strong. He punched me pretty hard!”


Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood > TrekBehindScenes1

According to Roberto Orci the first draft of the script of Star Trek 3 is done.

On TrekMovie, Roberto Orci commented:

"p & m & I wrote, "fade out" yesterday on first draft. things are moving."

and confirmed:

"First draft is done."


Btw, I also like other comment about Kirk, when someone asked to Roberto Orci at TrekMovie:

Q: “What sort of Kirk Delivery System will this movie be? Any hint of frat boy or all serious? Will there be any scenes that establish why the crew trusts and follow him?”

Roberto Orci: "good questions…. dealing with them head on!"

to ‘b’ > Who asked > Why Chris was laughing so much on the Russian interview?

"b  at 5:20, is this interview I was trying to tell you”

My Russian friend, ‘h’ said:

"When the host shows them the pic of Spock, he explains that this haircut is extremely popular in Russia. then Zach admits he was wearing this very haircut when he was 11 (and up to 15 years old) so maybe he was born to play this part in the movie. then the host shows them his own photo and says he had this haircut only 2 weeks ago. Zach says they definitely could’ve been relatives and Chris admits they definitely look very much alike. Zach says if the host needs to go away one day and there’s nobody to replace him, he can come and host the show. the host says he’ll come and play Spock in the next ST movie then while Zach ‘ll be hosting the show. then the host shows them the pics of very famous russian ppl who still wear this haircut. the first one - Chris says he looks like the dude from the Room. then the host shows them a pic of a very famous russian singer who he calls “russian Frank Sinatra” and at that moment Zach tells something to Chris and they starts laughing. then the host adds that this man can play Spock’s father and they laugh even harder. JJ and Alice try to save the situation and distract their attention lol and JJ starts telling that Zach cuts his hair like that and shaves off his eyebrows while preparing for this role (Alice Eve objects that Zach’s not the only one, she had to cut her hair as well, but JJ says at least she didn’t have to shave off her eyebrows). Zach and Chris still laughing at something in the background lol then the host asks what each of them had to do to prepare for the role in this movie. as Zach’s still laughing Alice starts answering that they had to train a lot, e.g. Zach had to learn how to run. Zach adds that he was sweating so much while running. and then Alice explains that it’s very hot in the studio and they’re sweating a lot. the host tells them all “to stop and let Chris laugh it out”. as Chris is laughing even harder now the host tells Chris that his makeup is leaking and asks his assistants to call for a makeup artist for Chris as he definitely needs one at this point lol that’s it."


So, a Big Thanks to ‘h’ and to everyone who replied about that!

And just to remember, Chris thinks Russian is a sexy language!

:) xx

to b > who asked why Chris was laughing so much?

It’s Russian, so I have no idea, and as far as I know Chris laughed about everything in that interview.

Maybe some of my Russian friend here, might clarify what was happening in the interview.

"b   at 5:20, is this interview I was trying to tell you”

Female lead for the movie ‘The Finest Hours’… Who?

According to Casey Sherman, one of the writers of the movie they are searching for the female lead of the film. 

 ‏@caseysherman123   With Chris Pine and Casey Affleck committed to The Finest Hours, who should play our female lead? #thefinesthours ” on twitter August 16, 2014

As I have no idea about the character, I also can’t think about anyone for this role. Probably in the next few days we’ll hear something about it.

Supposedly to start filming in two weeks, and the cast is not chosen yet. I def know nothing about a movie production, right? :D

to ‘b’ > who submitted a question



Exactly what caught the attention of Chris, I do not know … but the whole scenario of the interview was incredible, and at other moments of the interview Chris also seems to be impressed with what was happening around them … for example, fans were sending real-time messages that appeared on the screens around them.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post another excerpt from the interview, today I’ve exceeded my limit here on tumblr.