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Of course he is… anyway, I’m not surprised, I guess they have to do that in Hollywood … I mean, dance a little, sing a little bit and act a bit … otherwise they have a problem! :D


Well, according to my dashboard, SDCC 2014 was awesome! 

And definitely, thanks to Mr. Shatner we have not forgotten Chris Pine in these days! :D

baby blues on the move

baby blues on the move

for who asked, photos of “the best friends of Chris”…

as always, there was some controversy in my askbox about the best friends I mentioned in other post … Obviously Chris has other friends besides the ones I mentioned before, since I do not know Chris personally, I mentioned some names based on comments that CP did about the film ‘Mantivities’, and also observing on the photos the way they share some moments as a family and like pals.

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Chris Dancing Pine

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……………ummmm :)


From what he has said in interviews, the guys involved in the film ‘Mantivities’, Robert Baker, Will Greenberg, Ian Gotler … and also Tyler Greco, Babar Peerzada, Jeff Yanero the lead singer of The Ivy Walls…  CP aparently has a lot of friends, the ones I mentioned are what I have seen most often with him since I follow his career. 

some of them are in this pic below at Sequoia National Park:




Larger than life n so aghlkfh

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God damn it Jim! Luke Butler

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