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"There’s A Part For William Shatner In STAR TREK 3"


REEEEEALLY????!!!! more info > HERE


btw, i thought that guy(on badass) hated Bob Orci … How did he get this info? haha

Chris Pine talks on ‘Horrible Bosses 2’


"Q: You’ve stepped into an established franchise which must have been difficult in many ways for you?

PINE: Yeah, it’s always hard stepping into a situation where people have a rapport but I am excited that it’s not my film so I get to come into what’s like a comedy lab for me. I get to learn from these guys who are so great at it. And I have done comedy, but I have never done it at this level, and with this kind of speed and with as much experience as they have. So I am learning just a great deal about operating on a set like this where everything is malleable. You can change on the day and find new stuff to do and then the scene goes in a different direction. And so it can be intimidating with these actors but they are great. They can keep that ball in the air and just as long as I am kind of following that racing terminology, ‘their drag,’ I think I am good to go.”


"Q: Can you talk about exercising your funny bone? How challenging is that? Are there times when they go fast and it’s hard to keep up or are you now used to that kind of way of working?

PINE: Well, it’s virtually impossible and Charlie’s the worst, I think. I try to keep things smooth but it’s also not my job to be keeping it smooth. They are the funny guys and I am just their support and I feel like if I do my job I can set my ball on the tee and watch them knock it out. So, it can be difficult to keep up and it was at first; it’s just like listening to music and you have to get the tone of the music, and you get the speed of the music, and if you have good ears, I feel like you can kind of get into what they are making, otherwise if you don’t get into it, it’s much scarier.”


"Q: Can you introduce me to who you play?

PINE: I play Rex Hanson, who is the son of Bert Hanson, a great American capitalist. Of course, it’s Christoph Waltz, and he’s the true American dream come true, and Rex is a kind of a spoiled narcissist searching for his father’s life and gets continually emasculated by him, and understandably, he is pretty much the source of his psychosis. I don’t know, I see Rex as like a guy with all this privilege but he never had many friends. The great irony is that he gets involved with these guys and they completely screw him over but the whole time he thinks that they are actually best pals. Hopefully his humour comes in that he is sharp but he is also dull at the same time.”

"Q: Who was the worst boss you ever had?

PINE: I worked at a restaurant and I figured at that point in my life I just hated everybody because I was doing a job that I didn’t like (laughs). So I won’t name any names, but the service industry was not for me, suffice to say.

Q: Shawn, your director, described you as very sleek and put together, in terms of your character, and lately your characters are also sleek and put together. Do you think that will be the image that will follow you?

PINE: I mean, I think Shawn may see him that way, but I see him as a guy that thinks he is sleek and put together and then increasingly becomes unravelled. Rex is kind of like this character that I did in this musical and I think they think they are really cool and on it, but they actually really aren’t and it’s a lack of self awareness. And I think that again, makes him somewhat funny.”


"Q: Did you get the opportunity to workshop with Chris Waltz while you were shooting to define the dynamic between you guys?

PINE: No. I mean we showed up yesterday and it was the first time I met him and we just kind of do it. And again, it’s usually on a film set no matter what and the analogy I make is like music. You just have to kind of find it or you don’t and if you don’t it sucks and if you do easily, thank God. And it’s improv and even not on just because it’s a comedy, the movie is kind of improv and you have to be loose enough to make it happen because if you come in too structured with an idea about everything, who the character is and how he walks, you are setting yourself up for a disaster, I think.

Q: Did you go to see the first Horrible Bosses in the movie theatre as a regular person?

PINE: No. I saw it at home.

Q: When you saw it, what was your reaction? Did you think you would be a part of this?

PINE: I mean, I have always wanted to work with (Jason) Bateman. We were in films but we didn’t have anything to do together, so I would come to set and watch him. He is the master of deadpan. I mean the dynamic is that Bateman is the father with his two dumb kids. I mean, between those three and I knew with Christoph doing it and Jamie (Foxx) that it was funny, but I was really more interested in more than anything the script and the character and whatever and I just wanted to do a comedy like this and see what it was all about. So it was intimidating but this script was really funny.”

"Q: So is comedy harder than action?

PINE: They are just two completely different things. They are so different.

Q: What do you find funny or who do you find funny?

 PINE: I loved Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther series, that was my favourite and the early years of Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray. When I was a teenager it was all about Adam Sandler and so I grew up on Adam Sandler during those years of SNL as well. And also Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams.”


"Q: Talk about acting and improv and being involved with all manners of acting because coming into this comedy which is enormously improvised would be a challenge for a serious actor. The challenge as you said, is more keeping the pace than the actual part of coming up with the lines?

PINE: I mean, I kind of think that, that’s not my job to come up with funny lines, that’s not my forte, so I kind of relinquish that. I have kind of reconciled with that fact, and I will go up to Shawn and say, ‘Is there something funny that you want me to say?’ And if I come up with something on the spot, it’s like throwing paint at the wall. Sometimes I feel like I suck and sometimes I feel like I nail it and so I am not like before a scene thinking, ‘What’s the funny line here?’ I mean, I know they do it because they are writers and directors, so the three of them will come up with stuff and workshop it a little bit. But my job is really, again, I feel like I am a set up man. I am funny, but not that funny, just kind of be odd and I think Rex is really odd. He thinks he’s really funny and like a bro, but he’s just completely odd.

Q: Does he have odd quirks and things he does in the film?

PINE: He’s not that funny; he’s kind of aggressive physically and doesn’t realise and he’s like a Labrador; he’s like SWAT units, like ‘Whoa guy!’ And he’s laughing.”


"Q: So he’s socially inept?

PINE: I think completely socially inept as a result of his father beating him perhaps.

Q: How was it having Christoph Waltz as your father?

PINE: Great. I mean I you have like three Academy award winners in the film, it’s stunning. Well two, actually. I have had a lot of really great luck working with a lot of talent, so I hope to continue this streak.”

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just to remember Chris Pine was on the set of HB2 in December/2013 and January/2014, apparently this interview was made at that time.


Chris Pine @ Elle Russia Oct. 2014

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btw :)

In the interview with Elle RU magazine, Chris Pine:

"When he was asked what he could do for a certain role in the movie, he said he’d definetely never lose as much weight as Matthew McConaughey for DBC and we’d never see him in porn."

Uhmmm… So, I can’t wait to see CP just explaining to us the concept about “Pine Balls” moment in ‘Stretch’… eschatological comedy moment …

there’s a lot of gifs and pics of Pine (?) balls  around internet btw. :D

Chris Pine > Elle RU, October 2014

pic credit to Chris Pine community on vk.com

(x) “So here’s what I did to get him back.”
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